University Rebellion Twente

University Rebellion Twente is a movement of students and staff within the University of Twente that strives to Decarbonize, Democratize and Decolonize the university. The two main campaigns we’re currently running are Cut the Ties and a protest on unilateral change in bike parking policy.

For our Cut the Ties campaign, we demand that the university cuts all ties with fossil fuel industries. We have blocked the bus of study association Newton going to Shell Pernis, we have flyered at lunch lectures, we have taken over the stand of Shell and BP during the career fair, and much more. The executive board has come to the conclusion that a report on the fossil ties is needed, on four separate occasions during the previous academic year. It is time for some more action!

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Bike protest - more democracy at UT

At the beginning of the academic year, Campus Facility Management has removed all bike parking spaces on O&O square for students. Many bike racks were removed, and the basement next to Waaier has become employee only. Campus Facility Management claims that the removal increases accessibility for students, staff and emergency services. However, many students feel that instead accessibility has worsened, since those who are physically impaired but are able to come to the university by bike, now have to walk further from where we are now allowed to park to the buildings. Furthermore, the double-decker bike racks are problematic for students who are not able to lift their bikes.

The decision to remove the bike racks was not democratic. Many students and staff dislike the removal and most did not have a say in this decision at all. A democratic university is fundamental for a healthy UT community.

On the 31st of October we displayed the results of our well-participated survey on community sentiment of this issue. Read the press release for more information

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